Halloween came from Celtic harvest festivals with possible pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic (lrish and Welsh) Samhain festival – which means end of Summer. The hallows (the martyrs) and all the faithful departed were celebrated and given safe passage from this world.


Halloween costumes have been influenced by beliefs from the Celtic speaking countries.  The Festival of the dead called Parentalia sets the holiday on the 31st October.  This is since the time of the primitive church and the christian takeover of festival.  At this time it was customary for clerics dressed in black to parade the streets ringing bells.




Today we have Macnas Parade in Galway This Years parade was called symphony of the restless.

Look out for The Horse Pegasus, and look out for Crom the Giant.

In Ireland we have a rich tradition attached to Halloween.  One of the most famous gothic and horror literature novels is DRACULA… written by our own Bram Stoker.

Bram stoker is directly descended from Manus O’Donnell (Manus the Magnificent 1563) one of the most famous men in early Irish history.  The family were in possession of the oldest surviving Irish manuscript (now in the National Library) all the way back to the 11 th century.

Bram Stoker was born in Dublin, his grandmother was buried in the crypt of St Michan’s church where the bodies in the caskets are mummified due to the bizare climate under the church- check out the images below:





Sheridan Le Fanu

But we can’t forget the other gothic writer Sheridan Le fanu.  As a writer he was more influential then Bram Stoker He wrote several ghost stories and novels His best known works was uncle Silias and the house by the churchyard pictured below :IMG_0448

Modern Day Galway Ghost Stories




Round up of life

The water buffalo looks very dry and dusty as it draws the cart as fast as It can .Whil the man swinging his whip trys to stay in his cart
synonyms for steer govern shepherd skiper beacon conduct


Synonyms for sreer
Govern shepherd skiper beacon conduct

Collaboration synonyms
Fratenization participation joint effort association working toggether


Finding nemo

The turtle is swimming in the blue sea.He is an amazing grey turtle that is not afraid of the surgeon fish. The fish are rushing down fast on top of the turtle. He is marvellous, stunning , astonishing , prodigious, wonderful and awesome.
Look at eyewitness and find the picture.

Can you find him … Leave a comment with your picture

Don’t give up be strong .

I nearly gave up
But I made myself strong.
Life is worth living
Weather big or small.
I say never give up and walk tall.
Because you have something to live for
It is my children that kept me strong.
They mean the world to me.
Getting hugs and kisses from my kids and didn’t want to let go
I wanted to squeeze them more.
That means I am doing something right.
I want to be around for there big achievements in there lives.
Going to college, weddings and be coming a granny and spoiling there children.

If you suffer from depression speak out and don’t keep it bundled up. I found it hard to talk because I thought letting people know would call me a freak and I should not be in this world. Put the bad thoughts out of your head and think of some good thoughts . My good thought where my children.

I am in a better place now and don’t listen to negativity.

Random thoughts day 2

The daring young rhino on the flying trapeze flys through the air with the greatest of ease


Wish we could all get free travel but my eyes would have to be closed all the way there and not to be told I was 100ft high!!!

I. Thought I would look up trapeze but it has no synonyms so I looked up daring and this is what I got
(audacious) (gritty) impudent) ( gutsy) (fearless) words for the day try and use these words at least once before next Friday

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