i before e except after c

Hi folks…today is a wonderful day for spelling.  We decided tomix our high spirits with our LOVE for spelling rules…hope it makes you smile

“if ya can’t have a laugh with the spelling it will surely kill ya…” T

Spelling is where you have rules and where you sometimes break the rules…in this case 922 times.  The English language is where we can break rules and do not end up in court…” G

Halloween in Ghoulway

Halloween is the feast of all hallows.

it is a celebration of the end of harvest and beginning of winter.

iN Ireland we call it Samhain. many important events in Irish Mythology happen or begin on Samhain. it was the time when cattle were brought down from the pastures and when the livestock were slaughtered for the winter.

in Ireland Samhain is a pagan festival. people would light bonfires to celebrate the new Celtic year. people would walk with the cattle between bonfires and throw the bones of the slaughtered animals on the fire.

Samhain was when the doors to the otherworld opened wide enough for the souls of the dead and other spirits to pass through. that’s why we dress up to scare the pants off the spirits and make sure they go through those doors!

These are a few traditional games that are celebrated at for Halloween for children to have fun. The most well known game and favourite game of all is bobbing for apples. You get a basin of water and let the apples float to the top. THe object of the game is to grab on to the apples and remove it from the water using only your mouth. Hands must be kept behind the persons backs.

Bairin Breac Various things are baked into the loaf, including of course a ring. It is seen as a form of divination for the year ahead. this is a traditional game and the hidden objects signify different things.
Ring marriage
Coin wealth
Rag property
Thimble old maid

snap apples Tie the sting from the ceiling. Make sure to adjust the length once your friends arrive so they are at the mouth height and lower. eAch person must try to eat the entire apple without touching it with your hands. The first person to take the first bite gets a surprise. This game is quite tricky.



Concerning puppy dogs.

Hello my is martina. I live in Galway all my life. I love animals for as long as I can remember. I learnt about animals that you don’t take them in unless you are willing to care for them. I learned the hard way buy taken in ten dogs since the 36years of my life.

They are great campions for me. Licking my face and getting me out of my bed. That was a great alarm clock for me. If you are the kind of person that is lazy that dog is not for you.

I remember a funny story that my dog would jump up for his lead wanting his walk. Then he would let of a brak to get my attention. When I put on his lead he would put the lead in his mouth and he would walk himself. When I would try to grab the lead he would run away from me. i would have to run after him to get him it was a great way to get exercise.

Then you have to feed them. My dog would not like eating his own food because he was giving straps of my food. When I would be eating he would give me sad eyes making me feel guilty. He also would jump up on the table and take anything he could take. It was a great way of losing weight.

THere is also grooming. When my dog see’s the brush he takes one steps back when he see’s the scissors he takes two steps he must think I am a bad hairdresser and when he see’s the nail clipper he is out the door like a mad hatter. You are not giving me a hair cut today.

rembember theses few tips when you look at those puppy dog eyes.

Every story has two sides.

Every picture tells a story. Here are two pictures with two stories.

I see a little girl having fun.She is about five years old. she is smiling and putting her hand out to enjoy the bubbles. she is a little girl not worrying about what is going on around here. The only thing she has to worry about are the bubbles around here.

20120928-121501.jpgThis picture shows a young boy looking for food to eat or iron to sell to buy food.He is standing in rubbish of all sorts of things that could harm his health and well being.Life is not that hard that we put money before life,specially children’s life’s.

What can we do to change one story.

For you with affection

This is a picture of a baby gorilla sleeping on her mothers chest. She has her big massive hand down gentle on her babies head caring for her loved one. When people see a big massive gorilla they would think they are not caring creatures. They would be running away from them.

This is not true. This is a heartwarming picture. Her baby is smiling. The baby is very fragile. The baby is safe in her mothers massive hands.


Letters to America 3…the Volvo Ocean race

There are 17 days 12 hours 10 minis and 10 seconds until the Volvo ocean race arrives in Galway Docks.

The Volvo ocean race (formerly the Whitbread Round the world race) is a yacht race held every three years. The last time it was in Galway was in 2009.

The Volvo Ocean Race is the most extreme, most dangerous, and most challenging sailing event on the planet….
The crew of every boat is a team from different countries. They sail the most dangerous waters in the world the..”most treacherous waters on earth” on a mission to smash things – speed records, huge waves, and “the will of the competition”.

Check out the websitewww.volvooceanracegalway.ie

“The sacrifices, the risks, the human dramas these sailors go through are simply incredible, and all for the simple prestige of winning”.
The teams taking place are New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, and more.

The last time the Volvo came to galway there were 100,000 visitors a day to th event (thats double the population of the city). There will be a lot of entertainment, live concerts with local and international bands. There will be an international food market too and street theatre and entertainment for children. It is an event for everyone to enjoy.
The craic in Galway will be mighty!!!!

Here is a you tube video showing the boats race in the Atlantic just off the shore in Salthill. Look at how close they are- the green dragon is the Irish boat

Letters to America 2

Hello Kentucky…this is Galway calling.  We hope you guya and girls are ready for our next installment.  This week we have been out and about recording some street life.  We have some buskers for you to see and we hope you enjoy.
We will start off in Quay street- have a look at the video

We are on Quay street now.  There are very old buildings on this street.  The Spanish Arch is at the very end beside the corib river and the famous Claddagh.

Now we come to buttermilk lane.  This is named because in times gone by the country women used to sell buttermilk here in the shaded lane. 

The streets in Galway are medieval and the street lay out hasn’t changed in 800 hundred years!. Lets rest for a minute and listen to the soft old tune played on the tin whistle.

We now move onto to shop street, this is the main street in Glaway.  This is where the buskers hang out.  First we meet a local artist  who is painting a oicture of the long wlak (a very old place in Glaway).

Next we have our Buskers and we finish with the Irish Rover.