Skills for life

I was small and I was playing out the back up on the Roof of the shed when I fell of it. I ended up in a slow school from it and the teachers there were no good. No one tried with us kids they did not help me with nothing. So when I was 12 I left to work on a neighbours farm. I liked it and worked hard. When I was 15 I got a new job in the forestry where I had to learn new skills and I got help from my friends to do it and it was hard to do it – very physical work in hail rain and shine- but I did it and did it well. When I was 20 I got a new job fitting sheds and that was one of the best jobs out there.

But the jobs were all physical work – and thing is I’m getting older (and so are you by the way!!). A person needs to learn and like me I did all my life- I learned but some jobs out there especially now you need more skills. You need reading and writing skills and like me I had to go and learn more.

I when back to school to learn more skills and you have to be happy and not shy in doing the learning – it’s hard work too.

New World Order, Getting Back On My Feet

My name is Michael . I am 22 years old and I have a story to tell. On 28th June 2013 my life changed completely. The reason for this is that I was in a serious car accident which left in a coma for two weeks and with a brain injury. When I woke up I didn’t know what happened or what was going on, but it was clear it was a new world for me and I was going to have to live in it. I don’t remember much of my life before the accident but I do know that sport was a huge part of it,hurling and soccer in particular.

I was a great player and their was no stopping me. I had won player of the year for my soccer team in 2013 which was my first year and was also team captain of my under 21 hurling team that won the championship earlier that year. I was in the passenger seat of the car when me and my friend were on the way back from getting hurls when we where hit by another car.

After that day in June hospital become my life. What I am going to tell you I have no memory of, So I have to rely on stories from my family.  After I woke from my coma I was so agitated so I had to be sedated. I was pulling nurses into the bed and broke 3 neck braces which they never saw before.   My doctor told my family I could be in a coma for 3-6 months so they were determined to get the best care possible by looking for new scans and tests all the time. After 10 days I was finally taken off sedation and was shortly after moved to the Trauma ward where I would stay for 4 weeks.

By the time I had gotten to the Trauma ward I had dropped from 12 stone to 9, I was being fed through a machine. During my stay in the Trauma ward I received Ocupational therapy (OT) and physio. At the time I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me and couldn’t wait to get home and play sport. My family brought me in photos of my friends and family to help me with my memory,which included photos of me and my girlfriend who weren’t together very long before the crash. These pictures helped my memory. I was also aware that I couldn’t remember everything. That made me sad and confused.

After I got home from Limerick hospital I thought everything would go back to normal but not so. The next step was in the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) in Dublin. I didn’t want to be so far from home but my sister convinced me to take the 2 week trial they offered. She dropped me up on a Sunday and collected me on Friday. I spent 8 1/2 weeks afterward in the NRH where I received amazing care through physio, OT, physiology and was able to use the great facilities like the hydro pool ang gym. I had a lot of pain in my neck,hip and knee which we worked on and although I would say I have a high pain threshold I found it to be painful work.

I made great friends there and it was good to be able to talk to people in the same situation as me,and seeing others worse off that me,made me more thankful for how I was, considering everything. After my stay in the NRH I returned home to do a 12 weeks of rehab in Limerick where I did 2days a week of OT,Physio and Physcology. After I had finished this I had passed the one year anniversary of the accident. Although I couldn’t see it yet I had come on leaps and bounds from where I started.

In April of 2014 I started rehab in the Rehab Training Unit in Dublin. I stayed there until April 2015 where I continued to receive Physcology. I also gained a lot back of my independence in this time as I had to figure out living away from home for the first time. I had to make my way to and from Dublin by bus mostly and paid my own bills for my first time like paying rent and gym membership. I learned a lot about my brain and how it works and controls everything and how my injury effected that. It gave me focus and direction in my new life but at the time I was so busy my social life was non existent.

In Arpil this year I moved to Galway to attend National Learning Network (NLN), where I am currently taking part in the Fresh start course. I will take part in this course for a year. I fell this is my final stage of support to get me back into the work force or in a position to go college to gain a qualification. I have found that my experience and care that I got for the last 2 years have have changed me as a person. I found especially talking to a Psychologist has been very beneficial and helped me understand things that have changed are out of my control but it’s how I deal with it that is in my control.

This is the experience that life has dealt me.  But what I’m doing is learning how to learn again – I take part in English classes twice a week in GABESin Galway City . This is the first time I have put the whole experience down on paper even though it’s been very emotional I think it’s good because I see how far I have came in a short period and I will stay working to make some more progress.  I’m getting back on my feet … It’s a new world order!!

Skills for the Land

Hello my name is Bryan and I am currently back to Adult Education in Galway which I really want to go back to. I grew up on my Family Farm all my life. I love it there. I was brought up up the dairy side of Farming I lived beside a very nice peaceful respectful area. where I live there is a primary school, a local shop, a Church, a GAA Pitch and a community centre. All my friends went to my primary school and I was on many winning Football and Hurling teams. l liked where I was born and brought up , my mother and father gave me the best education and life and of course I loved being on the family farm driving the tractor, milking the cows, moving livestock from one field to another and reading the Farmers Journal every Saturday and Sunday Morning. I love getting up bright and early at the crack of dawn to help out in the Farm. I went to Secondary School I completed my junior cert there and after I had a small graduation. I did not set my leaving cert which really I was not happy with but so it was.

I was determined though to get back- I went on to another College in Galway to set the equivalent of the leaving cert called FETAC Level 5 which was very different but I found it a small bit easier and straight forward – it’s based on doing assignments. I passed which I was very happy with and my family where very proud of me. I went on to do several other courses after that working in a kitchen and doing a furniture and making design course in Galway.

When I was small I loved travelling. When I was 5 I went to see my relations in the UK after that when I got used to going places like the Country Shows every Saturday and Sunday morning. I went to the national ploughing championships every year. I went to shows too in Northern Ireland. I was going though parts of Northern Ireland. I was admiring the faming structures they were something else. I passed big massive of acres of land a big massive milking company called Dromara in Banbridge. in Co.Down and other every Summer I like going travelling to Newry and Belfast. I also had a sheep dog called Jock got him in BanBridge years ago the best sheepdog I have ever seen working on a field.

I am back in Adult Education bettering my Chances of finding something that I am really good at To mix with my farming skills. I’d like to have my own big big Farm with a brand new tractor Fent or a Deutz. All farming has gone very technological – you need a good understanding of computers and apps now to keep up with the times. It’s all about new skills and education is helping me understand and grow.


Opportunity knocks

I was bad at reading and writing and spelling. I remember when I worked in a hotel. There was a party on. I had to get drinks for people. I was not able to spell the drinks so I made a mess of it. Some one had to come and replace me and I was embarrasses I felt that I was no good. Not being able to do my job worried me. Some one said about the V.E.C classes so I gave it a go. At first I was all nerves. We studied spelling writing and maths. I like doing the class. I feel that I am doing good learning. I have more confidence now and I’ve met new people.

I’m Happy to be doing the V.E.C. I’ve settled down in the class. I can write now with confidence – I still get the odd spelling wrong but I’ve no fear anymore. I’m happy out!!.

Bryan’s Breaking Bullitins 

22nd May 2015
Hello my name is Bryan and I and going to be presenting this weeks news stories from Bryan’s Breaking Bulletins.

Local News

Psychiatric Nurses set to take industrial action next week.

Psychiatric Nurses at University Hospital Galway will begin industrial action next week in a bid to ensure a safer environment for staff and patients at the hospitals acute Psychiatric unit.


National News
Polling stations open for landmark referendum vote.
Over 3.2 million people entitled to vote in referendum on same-sex marriage and reducing the age of presidential candidates.
International news

International News
Palmyra’s fall to Islamic state sparks regional alarm.
Militants seize last government-controlled border crossing between Syria and Iraq
Islamic state militants and Syrian government forces battle for the historian city of Palmyra’s.
This weeks most played song of the week is closer to the edge 1972



Sports with Michael

The league is now over. All the hard training out of the way. The management have tried out new faces in the league. Which one have proven themselves enough to get a run in Championship .It’s now bussiness time of year. It’s a difficult time of year for me because I can no longer play due to a car crash in 2013. I still love the buzz gone around the county with all the chats and banter before and after games.

The question everyone asks who is gone to win the All-Ireland? Leinster? Munster?
Ticket Details for Galway vs Dublin