Paddy’s Day All Ireland Club Finals

The club all Ireland championships in both hurling and football is held annually on st paddys day in gaa headquarters, Croke park, Dublin. It can attract crowds of up to 17000 spectators. It originated in 1971 and Kerry east won it that year. Galway clubs have won many of these in both football and hurling. The most traditional clubs come from cork who lead the way after winning more all irelands than any other counties. 

Hurling is actually an ancient sport dating back to pre Christian times and football is old too. In 1884 the founder of our great ameteur organasition michael cusack started a legacy of sport by the founding of the gaa. It is a thriving sport in every part of our country.


The story of football part 1

There are many theory’s suggesting where the origin of football was. Football could have started in the Far East, Normandy or England. Football was only declared a sport in 1863 in London, England. Since then the sport has flourished all over the globe.

At the start of football the game was nothing like it is now. People at one stage in Victorian London basically just kept following a ball down the street while kicking it. Nowadays football is a well organised sport. The people who played it were just average everyday people playing for fun, exercising and some for a way to socialise.

First rule of football.

There were rules such as the coin toss. There was a rule on when the ball crosses the line. No player can carry the ball. No physical fouls. Another was that no one can touch the ball. These are examples of the first rules of football. 

Yellow card was used in first time in 1970 World Cup in mexico it was introduced to avoid injury against players it is use to signify warning against players, offences that attract warning are kicking, pushing, fighting, spitting against opponent and so on , the yellow card was introduced by the British referee Ken Aston.


Stories to Tell

Hi there folks! When the idea for This blog was hatched bank in 2012 It was with the AIM of telling our personal stories and our journeys back to the world of adult education.  But like everything that grows our blog evolved into a way for us to talk about the things we liked… Almost without realising it the blog became a platform for expression not just personal stories( although that got the ball rolling) but for us to learn to write about things that we are interested in.  Joe writes about the movies – Bryan about news …  check out the menu on the top right of the page too see our archives

But we still like to tell the stories of why we’re here and who we are each time a new member joins our learning community … So keep watching this space and keep leaving those comments … We like those