Bryan’s Breaking Bullentin 27 March 2015


Hello my name is Bryan and I am going to discussing this mornings news stories and Breaking Bulletins.

Local News 

IMG_0556Aldi The German Supermarket Chain has opened a brand new store in Oranmore Co.Galway creating 20 Jobs.




National News 

The jury is out in the Graham Dwyer murder trial.  This trial has attracted lots of media attention in the last few months.

 International News 

The world is shocked this week by the Germanwings plane crash that killed 150 people including 14 school children.

The co-pilot who appears to have deliberately crashed the plane carrying 149 others into the French Alps.  It has now been revealed the 27 year old received psychiatric treatment for a serious depressive episode six years ago German newspaper Das Bild has reported.

 This weeks charts 

Uptown funk Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars Is still this weeks Number one song … after 4 weeks

But we’re still going to play your a different song Orinoco Flow by Enya







New kid on the block

Hi there my name is pebs just new to this . What is this net all about all I can do is log on to my emails just getting myself out there to see what’s out there in the big bad world I had this old Nokia phone and it was the best phone in the world 

what’s up with the new cars out there all you have to do is get in to it and it drive it’s self- that’s if you can get in to it !  

but sure we’re in the digital age so if ya can’t beat it … all we can do gave it a go !! 





Celestial Friday ..

Friday 20th March 2015 marks the occurrence of 3 major celestial events

… Total solar eclipse … Spring Equinox and … Supermoon

Hello my name is Bryan Burke and I am going to discuss this mornings topic about the solar eclipse which happened this morning in Galway from around 8.30am to 9.30am as people from Galway gazed up in the sky to admire this amazing experience.


This picture I have searched its a very amazing image it’s Dark Black Orange like watching a Fireball hitting earth and strong on the Eyes.


The Solar eclipse is an eclipse in which the sun is obscured by the moon.

IMG_0553The moon moves between the sun and the earth it always are together.






In Vietnam, people believed that a giant frog was devouring the Sun, while Viking cultures blamed wolves for eating the Sun and causing a solar eclipse.

In ancient China, a celestial dragon was thought to lunch on the Sun, causing a solar eclipse. In fact, the Chinese word of an eclipse, chih or shih means to eat.

IMG_1120According to ancient Hindu mythology, the deity Rahu, is beheaded by the gods for capturing and drinking ambrosia. Rahu’s head flies off in the sky and swallows the Sun causing an eclipse.

In order to get rid of the demon, people in many cultures got together to bang pots and pans and made loud noises during a solar eclipse. It was thought that making a noise would scare the demon away.

Bear Eats the Sun
The Pomo, an indigenous group of people who live in northwestern United States, tell a story of a bear who started a fight with the Sun and took a bite of it. The Pomo name for a solar eclipse is Sun got bit by a bear.

We leave you with some mIMG_0546ore images from the Friday Sky



Bryan’s breaking bulletins 

Friday 13th March 2015

Hello my name is Bryan Burke and I am going to present Bryan’s Breaking Bulletins This morning

Galway Local News

HSE continues to monitor third level students with TB

No New cases of tuberculosis have Been identified in the city since last month when three third level students were diagnosed with the bacterial infection.

Home an Aways Alf Stewart is coming west

Ray Meagher the longest serving cast member on Australian soap Home and Away who plays the iconic Alf Stewart in the show is visiting Ireland in the coming weeks and will be in Galway on Thursday April 2nd part of a nationwide tour.

Galway is getting ready for St.Patricks Day.

National News.

Pistorius fails to block States Appeal

A South African court has dismissed an attempt by Oscar Pistorius lawyers to stop an Appel that could see the athlete spend significantly more time behind for killing his girlfriend.

Creighton’s new party to be Called Renua Ireland

lucinda Creighton has unveiled the name of Ireland’s newest political party Renua Ireland.

International News

IS talks tough but loses ground in Iraq

Street fighting continues in Tikrmt in Iraqi army entered the city yesterday and engaged with IS forces

The army led by Shia militia and with support from Iranian-militia units and at least 500 Local men has already taken a significant portion of Tikrmt Officers have spoken of their desire to hold Friday Prayers in the central square.


Social Commentary

Children in the big world

There was a time when kids had a lot of time to play and have fun. Now life has seem to be so fast

they don’t have time to be children. When I was a child all day long we went out in the rain, the sun, the snow and the wind (this is Galway!!) and it was the best of time. Now in 2015 that has all changed.  Kids  have the internet and all as good as it is- it’s not the same as playing or interacting with other kids. This means that kids today are not kids at all – they don’t know how to be! They are young men and women too early with adult pressures and worries.  I think that life has got too fast for them as a child to day you have to live up to a lot of expectation to be older then you are.

Kids like to stay in doors to play Xbox  with violent war scenes and watch TV and don’t want to go out. They do not know how to earn independence. They don’t know how to get on with others.  The rules of the games that were played on the street are lost.  They don’t know how to play the game, to solve arguments and to cope.  All the media is so dramatic- telling kids their problems should be the ones on TV – it  must be hard on them to have a old head on their shoulders when they should not be worried.  

Kids are not encouraged to be independent- they don’t walk to school and you don’t see them play in the estates.  Games and after school activities must be paid for and not everyone can afford club memberships, swimming lessons or karate.  So kids learn that they can’t be included and feel that there is a problem and the only solution is having money. So it’s back inside to the TV to be told that they should be depressed and worried about not having friends, and money!! like a hamster wheel I think sometimes.

Young men and women of today have a lot on their plate as a grown up my self I would not like to

go back there. It was good to grow up when all we had to do was have a good time 

And live for to day.  Problems were for the grown up to deal with.  all we had to be is kids