Friday 6th March 2015

FRIDAY 6th March 2015.

Introduction and How’s it going?

Hello Everybody my name is Bryan Burke and I am going to be discussing the las test news stories from Local National to International News starting with Local news from Galway.

Galway Local News Stories.

NUI Galway has suspended the pre-screening questionnaire prospective employees had to fill out while a review of the process is undertaken.
What do you think of this survey?? Leave your comment..

National News

Judgment reserved in O’Donnell case

Solicitor Brian O’Donnell and his wife Mary Patricia have been blockaded in Gorse Hill in Killiney since the High Court rejected an application by the O’Donnell children for an injunction to stop the repression of the property.

land league

1The Irish National Land League was an Irish political organisation of the late 19th century which sought to help poor tenant farmers it’s primary aim to abolish landlord ism in Ireland and enable tenant farmers to own the land they worked on The period of the land League agitation is known as the Land War.

Do you think the new land league should support this former property developer and landlord family??  Leave your comment..

International News

Boston bombing trial father forced to leave his dying son to save his daughter.
The father of an eight-year-old boy Murdered during the Boston Marathon Bombing told a court on Thursday how he had to leave his dying son side to tend to the wounds of his grievously injured daughter.

The most poplar movie is week is Fifty Shades of Grey Staring Jamie Dorman and Dakota Johnson. Steamy stuff by all accounts!!

The most played song of this week is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.

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