The Vow… a review by Joe

I used a mind map to help me with writing my review.  This section will become a regular on our blog so check out the movie news with me…Joe

 The Vow a review by me…Joe

This story is a very dramatic twist on a love story.  It starts with a car crash where the wife gets amnesia and cannot remember her husband. He tells her things about her which she does not know to try and get her memory back.

The husband has to try and get her to fall in love with him all over again. She knows nothing about him. She does not even know her work sculpting which she used to do.

She does remember her mother and father and an ex-boyfriend which she ran away from.  She doesn’t have a happy relationship with her family it’s then that she starts trusting her husband again.

They start living together and start falling in love all over again but she never does get her memory back.  It’s like starting all over again.

I thought that this was well worth going to see although it is a real chick flick.  It is also a true story and a dramatic love story.

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