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Food Poverty in Ireland
Rights: did you know that there are no synonyms for the word “rights”. The rights of every citizen to have food is a basic right.  But  this is not case. I don’t think that Ireland or any other land has dealt with this problem

In Ireland we have a history of the great potato famine in 1879. We learn about it in school and we talk about it to tourists.  We have old famine villages and we can even still see the pototo ridges.  You would think then that we would know a little bit about the crime of hunger.

It is hard to look at people queuing for food in 2014. You would think that it would be your basic right to healthy food in a land famed for agriculture. But food banks are the new way to feed lreland and it’s really hard to believe.

But charities across the country are attempting to feed the estimated 600,000 people suffering from food poverty. (St. Vincent de Paul/ Simon community)

Crosscare are food bank Based in Portland row is the only food bank in Ireland.
It was set up by the charity crosscare over 20 years ago in Dublin.
It was established in 1989 and has been designed to work collecting surplus food products from food producers,supermarkets,manufacturers etc.and then redistribute to over 70 charities. (Taken from the Crosscare website)

This service has traditionally diverted close to 500ton per annum away from landfill and towards those most in need. Let me repeat LANDFILL!
The point is there’s plenty of food a round it just doesn’t go round to who needs it. The hungry can’t always afford to travel to food banks, with Ireland havering a rural population it is hard to get to Dublin or to get the food from Dublin to you. St. Vincent de Paul, Simon, Lyons club can’t always reach those in need – or get enough to spread out to everyone.

But the food is there … the landfills are there… plenty grows in Ireland it’s just we’re fond of selling everything – exporting all we have and importing what we don’t need.
People criticise the band aid song because “nothing ever grows in Africa” lots grows in Africa … it just doesn’t get redistributed … It’s the same old same old story.
Will we know it’s Christmas and some will go with out and. Find it hard for the new year to feed them selfs.Food we all need some ( food) our basic right

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