Letter to America 1







Hello .everybody, Erin, Jeremy, Miriam, Ricky, Susie, Vicky, Wade, Jacinta,Richard, Renee, Megan,Robert, Darnell, David and Barry:
A big thank you to all the letters you sent us.It is really nice that you are interested in where we live.Here is some background information on Galway.

Galway is on the west coast of Ireland .Galway is a young peoples town. There are two universities in Galway N.U.I.G. and G.M.I.T.
Galway is very involved with the arts .There are lots of street performers (buskers).We have a lot of festivals in Galway ( the arts festivals,Galway race sand the Volvo Ocean Race). We have the Druid Theatre and Townhall Theatre.We also have some nice beaches (when we get fine weather).There is fantastic nightlife in Galway.There is irish music in bars and on the streets.
There is different nationalties in Galway.Galway is the most cosmopolitan city in Ireland and last but not least WE LOVE IT!
we have put together a video blog for you to look at. we will start with some local history and show you a video. Then we will show you some buskers in action… But tune in next week for the next instalments.

St Nicholas Collegiate Church:

The collegiate church of St Nicholas is the largest medieval church in continuous use as a place of worship at the heart of Galway’s life.

You will see signs of the vandalism of the soldiers of Oliver Cromwell.

Amongst the visitors to St. Nicholas over all the centuries is probably Christopher Colombus who came to Galway in 1477-on the way to America. Les welcome were the Cromwell troops who used the church as a stable for their horses after the siege of Galway in 1652.

They are blamed for the headless carved figures inside the church.


And finally for today we would like to leave you with a taster of some Galway buskers…find out more next week…

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