Letters to America 2

Hello Kentucky…this is Galway calling. We hope you guya and girls are ready for our next installment. This week we have been out and about recording some street life. We have some buskers for you to see and we hope you enjoy.
We will start off in Quay street- have a look at the video

We are on Quay street now. There are very old buildings on this street. The Spanish Arch is at the very end beside the corib river and the famous Claddagh.

Now we come to buttermilk lane. This is named because in times gone by the country women used to sell buttermilk here in the shaded lane.

The streets in Galway are medieval and the street lay out hasn’t changed in 800 hundred years!. Lets rest for a minute and listen to the soft old tune played on the tin whistle.

We now move onto to shop street, this is the main street in Glaway. This is where the buskers hang out. First we meet a local artist who is painting a oicture of the long wlak (a very old place in Glaway).

Next we have our Buskers and we finish with the Irish Rover.

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