letters to america 3…the volvo ocean race

There are 17 days 12 hours 10 minis and 10 seconds until the Volvo ocean race arrives in Galway Docks.

The Volvo ocean race (formerly the Whitbread Round the world race) is a yacht race held every three years. The last time it was in Galway was in 2009.

The Volvo Ocean Race is the most extreme, most dangerous, and most challenging sailing event on the planet….
The crew of every boat is a team from different countries. They sail the most dangerous waters in the world the..”most treacherous waters on earth” on a mission to smash things – speed records, huge waves, and “the will of the competition”.

Check out the websitewww.volvooceanracegalway.ie

“The sacrifices, the risks, the human dramas these sailors go through are simply incredible, and all for the simple prestige of winning”.
The teams taking place are New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, and more.

The last time the Volvo came to galway there were 100,000 visitors a day to th event (thats double the population of the city). There will be a lot of entertainment, live concerts with local and international bands. There will be an international food market too and street theatre and entertainment for children. It is an event for everyone to enjoy.
The craic in Galway will be mighty!!!!

Here is a you tube video showing the boats race in the Atlantic just off the shore in Salthill. Look at how close they are- the green dragon is the Irish boat

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