Concerning puppy dogs

Hello my is martina. I live in Galway all my life. I love animals for as long as I can remember. I learnt about animals that you don’t take them in unless you are willing to care for them. I learned the hard way buy taken in ten dogs since the 36years of my life.

They are great campions for me. Licking my face and getting me out of my bed. That was a great alarm clock for me. If you are the kind of person that is lazy that dog is not for you.

I remember a funny story that my dog would jump up for his lead wanting his walk. Then he would let of a brak to get my attention. When I put on his lead he would put the lead in his mouth and he would walk himself. When I would try to grab the lead he would run away from me. i would have to run after him to get him it was a great way to get exercise.

Then you have to feed them. My dog would not like eating his own food because he was giving straps of my food. When I would be eating he would give me sad eyes making me feel guilty. He also would jump up on the table and take anything he could take. It was a great way of losing weight.

THere is also grooming. When my dog see’s the brush he takes one steps back when he see’s the scissors he takes two steps he must think I am a bad hairdresser and when he see’s the nail clipper he is out the door like a mad hatter. You are not giving me a hair cut today.

rembember theses few tips when you look at those puppy dog eyes.

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