Dublin Coddle

Cooking Time 40-50 minutes

Serves 4 people


One large onion
Four large pork sausages
Two tablespoons parsley,finely chopped
Four rashers
400g potatoes
200ml stock or water
Salt and pepper

Garnish, parsley


1. Chopping knife
2. Boards
3. Scissors
4. Tablespoon
5. Measuring jug
6. Pot stand
7. Saucepan
8. Greaseproof paper
9. Serving dish



1.Gather equipment ,collect and weigh ingredients .set table.

2.Chop rashers and sausages into bite sized pieces.wash ,peel and slice potatoes thinly. Peel and
Slice the onion.

3. Layer onion ,rashers, sausages ,potatoes and parsley in a saucepan seasoning with pepper
And salt between layers.

4. Pour on the stock bring to the boil and then press a sheet of grease paper on top of the coddle.

5. Cover ,reduce to a simmer and cook for 40 minutes until the liquid is reduced and the potatoes
Are broken down and thickening the liquid . Look into the coddle during cooking and add a little
Water if necessary .turn onto a serving dish.

Garnish with the remaining parsley.
Serve with soda bread.

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