Come as you are

A few words about these songs

These songs are for you and your cocktail life.This mixed up life we lead needs to grow and live.
We can all sing ,take a little time for ourselves and go in to a quite spot.
You will find that this time will help you be happy and help you to accept and be greatfull for what we have.

Come as you are
Hold out your hand
Willing to trust that I will catch
You when you fall
Let yourself go, sky dive splash
put your trust l am here
Come as you are

You find it hard.
Walk in the light
I will met you half way
Trust and swim through life

People will come and go
Changes will be big
I see you struggling
I am here for you
Take that sky dive
I will catch you

Life is cold
People seem different
Listen to the message they have
Trust no fear will cross
Stretch out you heart and sing

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